Movie Lessons: Aim Small. Win Big.

“Aim small, miss small” is one of my all-time favorite movie quotes. It’s from the film The Patriot. These principles for success in business and life are the reason I love it so much. I’d like to take it one step further and propose Aim Small. Win Big.

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Have you ever played darts, practiced archery or shooting? If so, do you aim at the bulls-eye or just the target as a whole? My guess is the bulls-eye. This allows us to hit closest to the mark of perfection. Focusing on a small or specific target also uses more energy and focus, which mutes the noise of distractions, pitfalls and compromise. This results in our ability to make confident decisions and accurately execute those decisions.

Here are 3 targeting tips to help you aim small and win big

1. Clear Vision

Sometimes goals are too far away to see clearly. Pick an intermediate target in line with your goals that you can see and visualize achieving. Instead of trying to visualize where your startup will be in 30 years, look at quarterly or yearly goals.

2. One Target

It is impossible to aim at two things. Try reading two different pages at the same time. Our eyes will focus on one or the other and usually will not comprehend either. Pick one target at a time.

3. Command yourself

Speak(out-loud) what you are going to do. The subconscious mind works like a gyroscope. Saying specifically where you want to go or what you want to do, your mind gravitates your thoughts and actions to make your words come to pass. Note: the mind doesn’t distinguish between negative and positive. So focus and speak only what you want.

Keep these three thoughts in your mind as you take aim at your next goal and you’ll be that much closer to achieving it. Get ready for greatness. Your time has come.

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