Abundance mentality

A conversation I had about abundance mentality vs. lack mentality yesterday reminded me of a recent trip to Nashville with my buddy Rob. We jumped in the car and hoofed the day’s drive to the music city for several meetings and spending time with friends.

It was a good old-fashioned road trip. I’d forgotten how much you get to know someone by spending 7 hours or so in a car with one person. Even if you already have a good relationship with your co-pilot, you learn much more clocking the miles.

The wonderful thing about Nashville is it’s a town filled with potential. With a booming startup scene and the entertainment industry draw, everyone feels they’re about to “make it.” I imagine Hollywood and Silicon Valley are similar in atmosphere. It’s probably not unlike California and Alaska during the gold rush or NYC during its rise.

Nashville isn’t as large as the Big Apple so everyone, as Chelly Dolan described it, believes they can grab their piece of the pie. People there have hope and believe there is an abundance of opportunity.

“Pies” confuse a lot of industries. Often, companies and individuals believe there is only one pie that must be divided among everyone. And if my piece is bigger, then it takes away from someone else’s share. This isn’t true. “One pie mentality” discourages collaboration and fosters a lack mindset with too many people thinking there’s not enough to go around.

Guess what?!

There are an abundant number of pies.

If we are smart, we’ll make our own. Maybe we can grab a few other folks that have different ingredients and make bigger pies (or lots of pies) for everyone to share. Isn’t it time for you to create your own market or reinvent an old one?


photo: mikerhicks

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