7 blogs that will make your day

Do you have go to blogs you read?

I do.

And I’m not talking about blogs in your industry or the ones you’re “supposed” to stay current with for work or whatever. I’m also not referring to Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Fred Wilson, Huffington Post, Drudge or Zen Habits. Everyone including your neighbor’s pet reads those.

I mean other blogs authored by people who amaze you. Here are few I’d like to share that I believe will make your day (in no particular order).

1. Lessons from the Cockpit (by Chris Laney) – Chris’s blog will give you new perspective. It will encourage you to live life at a higher level. “Lessons” is well written and he never mails one in. Every word is penned with purpose.

2. ThatDarnKat (by Kat French) – Kat is a fellow marketer and a darn (cough) good one. She is a gifted writer and great storyteller. I’m pumped about her new project, katinafrench.com, where she’ll be posting short stories and fiction

3. Robert Bruce – Robert’s day job is VP of Marketing for the esteemed CopyBlogger Media. Every day he writes a short story in the dialogue style of Mamet. After a week you will be addicted. Enjoy.

4. Why Aren’t I In Charge? (by Dena Harris) – Not sure how I got hooked into Dena’s blog. She writes about cats, fitness, being a wife and other topics that I don’t really relate to on a personal (male) level. However, the well crafted humor, wit and sarcasm are right up my alley. You will laugh. I promise.

5. The Inspiration (by Daniel Nicolajsen) – Ok, I’m an advertising, culture, fashion, film, music, art and design nerd. This amazing blog curates and shares the best of all these. I don’t know where Daniel finds some of this stuff, but I’m glad he does.

6. Jeff Dolan – Jeff is a visual storyteller. He is truly a “Jack of all trades”- master of everything. I’m convinced there is nothing he can’t do. His blog is deep and introspective. His writing challenges you to think and reflect. My only wish is that he’d write more often.

  1. Derek Sivers – Derek started a small company in the early days of e-commerce called cdbaby. He’s a guy who figured out how to create the life he wanted to live and did it. His life is the antithesis of “status quo”. His blog follows suit.

I hope you’ll try these out. They’ll make your day.

photo credit: Maria Reyes-McDavis

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