6 Back To School Resources To Grow Your Brand

Since this is the second “back to school” post I guess we can call it a series. I want to share 6 back to school resources to grow your brand and business. You don’t have to be enrolled in a university or sit in a classroom to go to school. It means getting back into the learning mode if you took the summer off. Most people turn their brains off when June gets here. I guess it is 12 years of conditioning from our youth.

These books and online communities will give you a valuable education and empower you to do great work. Enjoy.

Back to School Resources (affiliate links)

Rework– The guys from 37 Signals have blazed their own trail with this book that reads like a collection of essays. You can start anywhere and read one or two page chapters on topics like Productivity, Progress, Hiring, and Culture. These guys make some great points. You will probably not agree with all of them but it will get you thinking differently about working your business.

Richard Branson: Business Stripped Bare– Sir Richard serves up the spirit of the entrepreneur and the power of chasing your dreams. He uses personal stories to provide business and brand building wisdom. After reading this it made want to start an airline and fly to the moon. Well, at least helped me believe it is possible.

The Referral Engine–  John Janstch helps small businesses across the country be more effective at marketing their goods and services with his Duct Tape Marketing System. It is a natural progression to leverage those existing fans for new business. The Referral Engine frees your mind with sound thought process and practical application for building a referral stream.

Switch– The Heath brothers’ insights into why it is hard to make changes that last will challenge both your body and mind. The book dives into the internal battle between our emotions and intellect. They do a great job of identifying symptoms and prescribing antidotes around the issues that are resists to change. If you want to move your life or company in a new direction this book will help.

Delivering Happiness– We all know of Zappos.com. It is a popular reference for benchmarks in customer service, company culture, and e-commerce dominance. Want to find out how and why? This book will answer those questions. Tony writes like he is talking to you over a cup of coffee. I liked this book because it shows you how an organization made it to the top by growing from the inside out. Tony teaches us how culture drives strategy at Zappos. The formula is given to us through great stories and third party commentary.

Third Tribe– Is an online community of marketers and other business practitioners founded by the smart and tenacious Brian Clark, Chris Brogan, Sonia Simone, and Darren Rowse. The great value is being able to mastermind with a few thousand experts in many disciplines. Tapping into that network is extremely useful for taking you and your business to the next level.

I believe accessing these resources will make a major difference in your life. There are many more for another time. Please leave any of your back to school resources in the comments. I’d love to hear about what you are learning.

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