Two ingredients of content marketing that are easy to overlook

Content marketing gets plenty of press in the business world these days. On any given week you can find dozens of posts, podcasts and videos on the subject. Most of the time content management, search optimized content or inbound marketing tactics revolve around content creation. These are all important.

However, two areas of content marketing that are easy to overlook as you’re browsing your inbox or reader are packaging and delivery. Both of these ingredients of great content have to do with context. It isn’t good enough just to create. You must personalize the content for your audience.

The market is fragmented. The masses are almost never in one place (with the exception of the Super Bowl). You will get more return on your efforts by creating high value focused content for a specific audience. Two ways to add value to your content is through its package and how it’s delivered.

Sure, you need to think about how your audience is interacting with your content. Should I use video, case studies or podcasting? Is it on a smart phone, tablet or large screen? How fast do my pages load, etc? We’re looking more here at the content itself.

Let’s take a look.


Packaging is something we often relate to consumer products and goods. We love it when it’s done well. There’s a feeling people get when their hands are on an iPhone case, Tiffany’s box or Moo Cards. Good packaging is intentional, customer focused and unique.

Last week, LinkedIn sent out an email to its users. They packaged it in a personal, unique and user focused manner, which was inherently sharable. They could have sent a regular old email saying thanks, but instead they chose to delight.


Don’t just create something that is on strategy and brand. Think about how it’s received. Well executed content fits an audience on multiple levels. It needs to show up on time, dressed to impress and speak the same language. Relevancy is more than just topical.

One of my favorite examples of this is Nerd Fitness. They deliver content to their audience perfectly. This starts by knowing exactly who they are communicating with. Nerd Fitness aims to help folks that see the world through 8bit glasses become healthier and more fit. Every piece of content NF produces is delivered specifically for their audience. Check out this gem of an example, Konami Code Workout.

The Bow on Top

We’ve talked about packaging and delivery as two keys frequently overlooked in content marketing. Packaging must look and feel good. Delivery must be on time in on message. Now, it’s your turn to try to adjust. These are ingredients. You may need to test and get feedback until you find the right mix. When you do, you’ll know it from the analytics tied to your interaction, lead generation or sales goals.

How are you thinking about content and context?

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