You 2.0: utilizing social media to build your brand

photo credit: Greensboro College

A couple of weeks ago I spoke about personal branding and social media to faculty and students at my alma mater, Greensboro College.  Thanks again to everyone who attended, I enjoyed talking with you and it was a pleasure to meet you.

My presentation focused more on philosophy (what, why, who) and less on the mechanics (how). The new media tools we use to connect to our communities, engage in conversations, and tell our stories will change (probably sooner than rather than later), therefore I wanted to communicate sound thought process instead of how to upload a profile image to Linkedin.

I believe things went well, only one student fell asleep during the hour and half I was there. I am sure he would have been lights out for anyone save Megan Fox.  My biggest takeaway from conversations with faculty and students was how many folks try to over complicate branding and how it integrates with the web. Too many people are stuck applying old marketing mentality to new business environments. This results in a failure to launch or a disjointed message which lacks connection to the community.

Here are a few things I have learned that help me simplify the philosophy of utilizing social media to build your brand.

Know what you are trying to accomplish.

Know your story a La Tim Ferriss and Rick Smith.

Be unique a La Josh Madden and Hugh MacLeod.

Be passionate a La Gary Vaynerchuck and Chris Laney.

Be authentic, listen, and give value to your community a La Chris Brogan and Mitch Joel.

Reach the right people (not all people) a La Seth Godin and Cali Lewis.

How are you going to build your brand in 2010 ?

If anyone is interested and would like to receive my speaking notes you can contact me here. Please put “you 2.0” in the subject line and I will send them to you.

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