Two things that will always win and keep customers

It sure is easy to complicate things. I do it all the time.

Two simple things you can do to win and keep customers:

– Create Positive Emotions

– Remove Points of Tension

32 examples:

  1. Remember people’s names

  2. Make it easy

  3. Be remarkable

  4. Make people feel special

  5. Solve their problems

  6. Keep your promises

  7. Always give context to your content

  8. Pay attention to how your message is received

  9. Be a pressure release valve

  10. Constantly improve

  11. Say you are sorry when you mess up

  12. Practice active listening

  13. Be confident and competent

  14. Stay humble

  15. Smile

  16. Give customers what they need

  17. Remove distractions from the buying process

  18. Send a thank you note

  19. Do the unexpected

  20. Stay consistent

  21. Show up and be present

  22. Know how your customer feels

  23. Know what your customer sees and hears

  24. Know what they do

  25. Remember they have life going on

  26. Show respect

  27. Do: encourage, entertain, and educate

  28. Don’t: criticize, condem, or complain

  29. Set proper expectations

  30. Serve and show them you care

  31. Recognize people often

  32. Leave your ego at home

I know there are more. What are yours?

photo credit: JD Hancock

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