What season are you in?

Seasons change

Fall is here so I took my family to Moses Cone Manor in Blowing Rock, NC. The Blue Ridge Parkway is beautiful this time of year. Millions of leaves paint the landscape with hues of yellow, orange, and red.

Business is seasonal too. Most don’t follow typical Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter like we do. Of course, landscaping, tourism, and agriculture would certainly mirror the climate.

It’s amazing me how many organizations act like they don’t know the seasons are coming. This occurs when you don’t have a pulse on what’s going on in your industry. This happens when you lose relevancy and stop communicating with your audience. They are your meteorologists (but with higher accuracy).

Here are the three main seasons for your business.

Sowing: Give Yourself Away.

  • Work hard creating awareness and valuable content – Develop your digital footprint and participate.
  • Listen to what your audience is saying – Capture data and metrics that are valuable to your business.
  • Put a lot of creative energy into developing the best product or service – The best marketing is invisible.
  • Focus on building the culture of your organization – Create a brand identity from inside out.

Gestation: Nurture and Build Trust.

  • Create and share relevant content that is valuable for your niche – Inform, Inspire, and Educate them.
  • Have excellent customer service and follow up – Be helpful and reliable.
  • Go the extra mile – Do the unexpected and create legends and myths.
  • Be a connector for your audience – Introduce them to other resources and share your network where relevant.
  • Humanize your business – Be authentic, sincere, and others focused.

Reaping: Sales and Referrals.

  • Make it easy for customers to buy – Simple call to action.
  • Show up and work your butt off – You’ve done the hard work now finish the race.
  • Exceed expectations – Give customers an experience.
  • Receive be thankful – You don’t need everybody, just the right ones.
  • Give customers a megaphone – ignite word of mouth marketing.

The one rule of seasons is they will change. Always cherish the one you are in and learn from it. This will help you go through it next time with better results and productivity. That is how businesses grow.

Do you know what season you are in?

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