Make your dreams come true

The world doesn’t need more dreamers. It needs more people willing to make their dreams come true.

Last weekend I attended TedxCharlotte. The theme was “Dream Makers and Risk Takers.” The collection of speakers all had one thing in common.

They made their dreams come true.

One thing is certain about the process of realizing your dreams. It will change you. You will not be the same person as you were before you started. The barriers in your mind will be pushed back, allowing for a bigger dream to fill the space.

People like Tim Berners-Lee dreamed and changed our lives. So did Child and Beachey. I’m sure they made hundreds of small dreams come true before wrestling the courge to go all in on the big ones. Start making your dreams come true today. You can start small. But start.

What dreams are you making? What risks are you taking to realize your dreams?

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