Goodbye cola war — hello tech war

Cola Wars meet the Tech Wars. Apple and Microsoft have taken me back to the days of my youth, during one of advertising’s most ruthless rivalries. I’m not talking the Redsox vs Yankees, Sampras vs. Agassi, Lakers vs. Celtics, Duke vs Carolina, or even Angelina vs. Jen.

Do you remember the Cola wars of the 1980’s? Coke vs. Pepsi might possibly be the grandest rivalry since England and Spain in the 1500’s. Pepsi was the cool and hip drink of the “next generation” and Coke was an old outdated institution. Coke was the classic American cola and Pepsi was a cheap imitation. While the Cola War still wages on, new rivals from the technology arena have taken center stage.

The current battle like, Ali and Foreman, pits two equal opponents with their own sets of strengths. Microsoft broadcasts to the masses and Mac finds core groups of early adopters to drive influence within their circles.

Below are their respective ads. Who do you think will win the war?

Pc Ads vs. Mac Ads

photo: Joi

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